About Doggy-Box

The Doggy-Box pack

Doggy-Box was set up by three friends and their furry pack in 2016. Together, they combine a lifetime experience in making dogs’ tails wag; and some ten years in developing dog treats. Not in eating them – although the crunchy snacks do taste good while watching a movie…

The view of our
CFO (Chief Furry Officer)

Rasta, Magnificent Maltese and Chief Furry Officer of Doggy-Box: “Hey dog owner, how would you like to eat salt and pepper crisps every day when you know that there are many more tasty treats to enjoy? You’ve guessed it: neither do we. That’s why Doggy-Box delivers healthy and varied dog treats to your doorstep to reward us – and, let’s face it: we’re always good dogs. That way, you won’t have to stress over picking the right treats in the pet store. All you’ll have to worry about, is whether we get enough fetch marathons and get petted!”