Our 4 woof promises. The Doggy-Box view is a real treat.
This is why you choose Doggy-Box

Products of purebred quality

The Doggy-Box contains only the healthiest and most beloved treats of the highest quality, so that even the fussiest little eater devours them completely. The toys have all been tested and tail-waggingly approved by Rasta and the rest of our pack at our headquarters, so your own furry friend will definitely enjoy some fetch fun.

Greyhound-fast delivery

Your Doggy-Box is delivered faster than your four-legged friend runs whenever you shout “Dinner!”. The box will arrive at your doorstep in a few days. That way, you won’t have to examine each packet at the pet store, and have extra time for petting tummies.

Feed-bark by your four-legged friend

Thanks to the large variation of treats, we are convinced that your own faithful friend will find them paw-licious. What if your dog did not quite enjoy a certain treat? Give us your feedback so we’ll put another flavour or treat in his next Doggy-Box.

Lend a paw for a good cause

Donate a wag to a dog in need, because Doggy-Box donates towards the welfare of dogs worldwide for each ordered box. That way, you won’t just pamper your own loyal friend, but a dog without a paw-some owner as well. Because every dog deserves a happy life.